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As featured in the Delaware State News: 

"Quick!  What’s the name of your butcher at the grocery store?  Would you know the cashier’s name if they didn’t have a tag on their shirt?   Maybe you would, but for the majority, most likely, the answer is no.  Sadly, that’s a part of our past.  Or is it?  Things just aren’t the same anymore.  Or are they?  Folks who shop at Camden Wyoming Market would tell you what once was, still is.  They know their butcher’s name and the butchers and workers know their name.  Chances are, they know the gals in the deli, the fellows in the meat department, the register workers, and everyone in the store for that matter.  That’s because Camden Wyoming Market is a blast from the past.  It’s a clean, traditional, full service butcher shop and deli and the workers and owners believe in old fashioned, friendly service, served to you with a smile

What is a traditional, full service shop?  It’s one where you can call your order in ahead of time for meat and deli selections and it will be ready when you get there.  No waiting.  It also means that you can get your meats cut to order or precut, it’s your choice.  Thick, thin, see through if you prefer, they’ll cut it just the way you like it.

Camden Wyoming Market also has fresh, local, in season produce.  To make your busy life easier, you can pick up main dishes and sides, cooked in the store, that you can top off with one of their super scrumptious desserts.  Looking for a quick breakfast or lunch?  Come on out!  They have paninis, hot and cold subs, sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, hot meals, and more!  If you want to enjoy the same meats and cheeses at home that are in your subs and sandwiches, you can buy them at the deli, sliced to order so you can make your own special, signature sandwich.  They even have sausage, crab cakes, burgers, desserts, and more made right in the store.  It’s an all-around wonderful place to come, chat with friendly staff, and get that superb, old fashioned service with a smile that harkens back to the good ole’ days."

Camden Wyoming Market

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