Easter 2021

(April 4, 2021)

Sales and Prices

We are taking orders for Fresh Lamb for Easter, including Rack of Lamb, Leg of Lamb, and Lamb Chops.

Our Fresh Lamb is fresh, never frozen, and is U.S. raised in either in Colorado or at Bett's Sheep Farm in Felton, Delaware.

Fresh Rack of Lamb

The Rack of Lamb is available by the whole or half rack, and can be either frenched and left as racks, or sliced into lollipop style lamb chops. The Rack of Lamb and Lamb Chops from the Rack are $17.99 per pound.


Fresh Leg of Lamb

The Leg of Lamb is available by the whole or half leg, and can be prepared one of several ways for you: trimmed and tied as a roast (with or without the bone), deboned and butterflied, or sliced into steak style lamb chops. Leg of Lamb is $8.99 per pound for Bone-In or $10.99 per pound for Boneless.

Other Lamb Chops vary in price depending on what part of the Lamb they come from.

Supplies are limited, so please call ahead with as much notice as you can if you want to order Fresh Lamb.


Roasted Leg of LambRack of Lamb

We will have a variety of Smoked Hams from Boar's Head and John F Martin Meats.

Logo - Boar's Head

From Boar's Head, we will have their Applewood Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham (about 3 pounds) and their Sweet Sliced Ham (about 3 pounds or about 5 pounds). The Boar's Head hams are $6.99 per pound.

Boar's Head Applewood Smoked Spiral Sliced HamBoar's Head Sweet Slice Ham

Logo - John F Martin Meats

From John F Martin Meats, we will have their Smoked Bone-In Hams and their Boneless Dutch Country Hams. The Bone-In Hams are $3.99 per pound, with Whole Hams running 16 to 20 pounds and Half Hams 8 to 10 pounds. Meanwhile, the Boneless Hams are $4.49 per pound and run 8 or 9 pounds for the Whole Hams and 3 pounds for the Half Hams.

JFM Bone In Ham PortionsJFM Boneless Dutch Country Hams

Give us a call at (302) 697-6174 or come place your order in person at 113 W Camden Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming, DE 19934

Prices are subject to change without notice